Email Overload

If you are anything like me you might have up to or even more than 25,000 emails hanging around your inbox !  Oh dear that looks soooo bad written down !

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So I’m on a bit of a mission to declutter my in box and unsubscribe to all the stuff I really dont want anymore ….

I’ve found this really helpful article on decluttering Gmail and I’m currently working through the first couple of steps so I thought I would share it in case it is helpful for anyone else !



Remixing the Remixes

So, I have just become a Patreon of The Remixer Machine by the absolutely awesome Bryan Mathers @BryanMMathers

In celebration I have of course made my remixes with a splash of Pink …. Remix Yours here 

Here is my ‘Bloggers Ink’ and on ‘Project World’ so on Planet Deb the world is most definitely Pink 🙂

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#OER19, #GO-GN – Hope, Care and Happiness

Well, here we are back from the joys at #OER19 in the most excellent setting of Galway !

I had such a lovely time in Galway – a really tiring time I must add but it was still super brilliant to be in such amazing company, meet old and new friends and generally have an all-round wonderful week.

I arrived in Galway on Saturday 6th April 2019 having received funding from the wonderful Global Graduate Network. Despite being on the OER Conference Committee,  I’m really not sure I would have made it to Galway without this support and I cannot thank the Go-Gn’ers enough for the opportunity.  This is such an excellent network and I feel I have now made some friends for life – united in our PhD escapades!

I presented my rather scrambled thoughts about where my PHD research is headed ..

I hope to write another blog post in more detail about my experience with GO-GN … more on this soon …

The weather for the entire week was absolutely brilliant – not a rain drop in sight ( which given that there was a lot of walking between the hotel, the #Go-GN Seminar venue and the venue for #OER19 itself I will be eternally grateful for ! )

Some of the sessions were live streamed and recorded at #OER19 and these can be seen here

Also, you can watch the replays of the various Virtually Connecting sessions at this link which will give you a different perspective of different elements of the conference. Virtually Connecting really is such an amazing initiative which enables people to hook into what’s happening at conferences even if they are not able to attend the conference in person. It is really worth checking out their excellent work.

So …

Update : 15 Jan 2020

I have just found this languishing in my drafts … I decided just to publish anyhow … note to self must to better in 2020 and actually finish stuff

Podcast for Teaching in Higher Ed #248

Apparently, the podcast that I did for Teaching in Higher Education with the wonderful Bonni Stachowiak has now aired… @bonni208


I haven’t listened to it all back yet as I find the sound of my own voice quite horrifying …  god, I can talk such a lot of drivel especially when I’m nervous … I feel should apologise right now for going on about nothing in particular and just ‘get my coat’ …

Bonni, however, was as professional and brilliant as ever and it was an absolute privilege and honour to be invited to be a guest on her show …

I did manage to get in a few extra plugs and recommendations towards the end for some absolutely amazingly brilliant people who Bonni may like to have as a guest on her show … and who will no doubt deliver a much more interesting and probably better-executed podcast interview than I did …

( I think I was only supposed to give three or so recommendations  but I seem to have mentioned about twenty – see the links on the website – oops :))




2018 Highlights

January 2018

Bring Your Own Device for Learning #BYOD4L

I was thrilled to be part of the facilitation team for the Community edition of #BYOD4L that ran from the 15th – 17th January 2018. This is always one of my highlights. Here is my introduction below.

Some of my reflections can be found here

April 2018

I attended the second of our residential courses at Lancaster University for my PHD course in April.  It was a particularly exciting event as it coincided with the 10th Anniversary of the E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning programme ( we are cohort 10). Its so lovely to see all the happy smiling faces below …. I get such support from these wonderful people …

New doctoral researchers together with Kyungmee Lee and Don Passey

I also went to OER18 on the 18th and 19th April in Bristol this year.  I managed to grab some selfies with some more wonderful people …

I’m also delighted to say that I won the Kaltura prize for one of my little scribbles ! Whoo hoo … a box containing lots of goodies that are still proving very useful …

June 2018

In June I was invited to help deliver a workshop at the MELSIG Event in Sheffield.

July 2018

Part of my role at Swansea is to organise and deliver our Annual Learning and Teaching Conference. This took place in our Bay Campus this year for the first time !

September 2018

I was on the organising committee and went to ALTC in September.  I delivered a joint presentation on #BYOD4l and was invited to give a GASTA talk. I also helped out with Virtually Connecting duties and the Open Education SIG group etc

December 2018

ALT Online Winter Conference

COLF course


Update : 15 Jan 2020

Again ! Yet another Draft post that I never finished … Guess what my resolution is going to be this year !

#SocMEDHE Nottingham 9 Jan 2019

Handrawn Image of the word #socmedhe


So, I’ve been part of the organising committee for the 2018 edition of the Social Media in Higher Education conference [ yes I know it’s now 2019 and we missed the usual pre Christmas and festive jumper wearing antics but we are going with it for now … there will follow a 2019 edition back in its usual slot towards the end of year…. )

I’m currently on my way to Nottingham via train …. I’m really looking forward to catching up with everyone tonight in advance of what promises to be a fabulous event tomorrow !

It has been such a joy to be part of this committee, a group of volunteer educators from eleven different HE institutions across the UK that have given up their time, energy and enthusiasm to create an event / conference / gathering / festival ( we came up with many definitions of what we were trying to do ! ) for people to come together to discuss the use of social media in learning and teaching. I can’t describe how brilliant it is to work with these people and to feel so proud to be part of this event. I have attended previous years in person and online and presented at the 2016 version so it is an absolute pleasure to be part of the behind the scenes stuff.

Our theme for this years event (9th January 2019 at Nottingham Trent University) embraces #openness, #creativity,and #digital_identity. Social Media itself can be considered as part of the mainstream, but just how ‘mainstream’ is it in terms of being an integral part of learning and teaching through developing digital confidence, digital capabilities and critique ? Or is it something that is more mainstream in terms of marketing and recruitment ? These are questions we hope to pursue at the event. We hope to share, and discuss what we do and why we do this sort of stuff.

I think we have what promises to be a pretty fantastic line up on the programme with so many great sessions to choose from. See the more detailed session outline programme here