PHD Help Videos – Cecile Badenhorst

I love these videos. My favourite is the one about the PPSQ . The link to a playlist with all of them should be below. Cecile has a really lovely calming voice too !

All the Ologies – Nurse Killam Videos

I’ve watched a couple of these videos and they are really good. I really liked the Ontology, Epistemology, Methodology and Methods one but here is a link to a playlist which should have all the videos on it. Well worth a little look.


Belated summary of what Deb did during Open Education Week 2015 !

Cable Green – Innovate 2014 The Business & Policy Case for OER

I really enjoyed watching this talk by the awesome Cable Green at Ohio State University ….  well worth watching in full … am so looking forward to his keynote at OER15 in Cardiff !

Keynote speaker Dr. Cable Green, Director of Global Learning at Creative Commons, discusses Open Educational Resources

Happy :D

This is what I get up to on a Wednesday Lunch time !

Caerleon Staff Choir Blog

Learning and practising Happy with Philippa at one of our lunch time sessions

Come along and get HappyDon’t Stop Us Now, it’ll lift you Higher and higher and help you keep going from 9 to 5! You just can’t put a Price Tag on the feeling when you are Walking on Sunshine! 😀

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