BYOD4L 2018 starts tomorrow …

I’m looking forward to facilitating on BYOD4L this week (15th to 19th January 2018).

BYOD4L is a bite-size facilitated open course offered over 5 days for educators and students in HE but also anybody else who would like to learn with us as to how we can utilise our digital media and devices for professional, lifelong and lifewide learning.

Judging by the organisation team hangout that we had on Friday it’s going to such a giggle. (Sheila MacNeill, Alex Spiers, Neil Withnell and Suzanne Faulkner) I already know the lovely Sheila, Alex and Neil of course but haven’t met Suzanne yet in person so it was a real pleasure to get to talk with her virtually… I am already in awe of her juggling skills and have found a kindred spirit in our love of bitmoji ….

I managed to do my little introduction video yesterday which I did on my iPad and edited with I Movie. I also popped some quick google slide images as some title cards. I must admit I had to eventually ask for help from my 13year old when it came to some of the more whizzy bits for editing … wish I had asked him earlier actually … he was flying around the iMovie app so much quicker than me …I knew he could use it but I just didn’t know how well … I’ll know for next time !


I’ve been involved with BYOD4L now for the last four years and every year I always learn something new and meet some more amazing people.  I’m looking forward to seeing how things turn out with the extension of the original 5c Framework (as created by the BYOD4L Creators the lovely duo Chrissi Nerantzi and Sue Beckingham) this time around as we now have 10 c’s for the price of 5 (as it were !)….

Connecting and Confidence
Communicating and (Digital) Capabilities
Curation and Copyright
Collaborating and Community
Creating and Celebrating

there will be a tweetchat each night at 8pm (follow hashtag #BYOD4Lchat ) and look out for live periscopes too !

I’ll also be using padlet to keep a record my contributions together in one place for the week so if you would like to take a look at that please feel free.

I’m also hoping to get a few more people involved at Swansea this time around, I know there are definitely one or two that might be on board so we will see how that goes …

I’ve made another quick padlet for that in anticipation !

Hoping to see you all on line as from Monday … do let me know if you are joining in the fun and games …

link to BYOD4L






Sketchnoting CPD …

Ok, so I’m a bit of an amateur sketchnoter … here is one I did earlier that I am quite proud of that we are now using on our revamped CPD Web Page at Swansea … you can see it in all its glory at …


SALT CPD Framework

I’m not very good at keeping my sketchnotes in one place so I’m trying to find a new system …  I have used things like Flickr and Pinterest in the past but I’m just not that good at remembering to put them somewhere …

I guess what I was thinking about really was a quick way just to keep them all together and wondered whether instagram might be the way to go ? Not sure … answers on a postcard please 🙂

Virtually Connecting Across Time and Space …

I was really lucky to be able to join in with the Virtually Connecting peeps earlier today, not once but twice!  The first was a ‘hallway’ conversation session and then a second session about the Virtually Connecting concept at the MELSIG Media-Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group Digital Placemaking event …   The MELSIG write up on their website says that the event will ‘consider how learning space becomes learning place through the use of digital and social media in and out of the classroom‘ how exciting is that!

virtually connecting 31may17

I’ve participated in a couple of Virtually Connecting sessions before ( I’d highly recommend them) but I didn’t actually realise what a ‘ hallway’ conversation was – The amazing    later explained this to me as a ‘casual conversation with no pre-planned topic ‘ – obvious to other people no doubt but I hadn’t twigged !

Anyhow, there were a lot of familiar faces  (   onsite    ) and a couple of new faces that I’ve not had the pleasure of connecting with before, sadly we couldn’t see the audience but felt their warm and friendly faces through the ether! We also missed  who had been due to join us but was unable to at the last minute. 

We talked a lot about the welcoming and friendly space that is afforded by Virtually Connecting –  Sarah @sarahjfc likened it to a ‘ kitchen table’ sort of space  – this really resonated with me.

a warm, friendly, cosy,  kitchen where you can just wear your slippers and your fluffy fleece

Taking Sarah’s idea of the kitchen table this conjured up for me Virtual Connecting as a warm, friendly, cosy,  kitchen where you can just wear your slippers and your fluffy fleece ( which of course in my case is bright pink), put the kettle on and have a rather nice cup of tea and a biscuit … ( Oh and there is probably a sleeping dog and a couple of cute kittens wandering around but that might just be in my version of events … )  dunk it in your tea and not worry about making any mess….

Image CC0 Courtesy of

I also got to meet @tundeva who shared with us a snippet from the presentation that she gave at the event earlier in the day which was using  the ‘Greenhouse’  as a metaphor for electronic assessment and how online assessment allows people to share how they are marking – I thought that was such a great metaphor – we use online marking on the PG Cert HE at Swansea and I have found that I have learned a lot from my colleagues by seeing how they mark and give feedback etc.  

You can watch the YouTube recordings of the events below or visit Maha’s blog as she types REALLY quick and pretty much had written her blog before I had made my coffee 🙂  and if you check out the Digital Placement hashtags #melsig and #SIGCLANS you can follow the proceedings of the various happenings …

One thing that I was really interested in at the Digital Placemaking event was the TWALK that   mentioned .  The ‘ Twalk’  was apparently taking place just as we went off the air….

I wasn’t sure exactly what that was but having had a quick look I understand that the TWALK was basically an hour long ‘walk  and talk ‘ event where various people got to experience different places around the campus and then tweeted at different ‘viewpoints’.  ( more about that here)

What a fab idea … check out the facilities at Edge Hill on this tweet  …

If I had engaged my brain beforehand we could have done a #twalk here at Swansea … never mind next time eh…

I expect there will be some storify’s later related to the #twalk  which I will look forward to seeing later 🙂 In the meantime here is a great blog post from Chris Rowell that gives a good summary of what is involved

#BYOD4L Jan 2017 – My Reflections


Ok,  reflecting on my experiences with #BYOD4L ( which by my calculation was only last week and yet it feels like a month has gone by already …)  I am a bit torn between missing all the buzz and communciation and feeling thankful for the return to normality ( in a good way of course ..) so that I can try and reflect on it !

So, my experience of facilitating #BYOD4L this time around was on the whole great. I got the opportunity to work with some awesome people again and make some new contacts in the process.  My padlet that I made for the week is here … My only regret is that I don’t feel I did as much as wanted to so I hope that the stuff that I did do was also helpful to other people ( it was certainly helpful to me)


I feel we worked really well as a team …. we had a twitter backchannel and then Chris Jobling set up a new Google Spaces account for us to use but I must confess although I was excited to use that at first I did find that I reverted to the tried and trusted twitter group more often than not. I think perhaps it is better to stick to one backchannel for organisation ? Maybe ?  We also had a Google Hangout to plan the week before the kick off so that was really useful. Everyone in the team is so supportive and if something goes wrong there is always someone that comes to the rescue.  It was really nice meeting new people during the week and getting their take on how the week was progressing as first timer. It was really useful to remind myself of how I felt when I did #BYOD4L initially and how overwhelming it can be. That said personally I have always found that someone could always help me out and find my way out of my confusion !

I took part in most of the Tweetchats and facilitated the Collaboration Tweet Chat with Rebecca Jackson @chasing_ling on Day Four that was great fun. I have definitely found a new friend in Rebecca .. we also collaborated on a joint response to one of the scenarios using a Google Doc.  This is still a work in progress at this moment in time …

My colleague from Swansea Chris Jobling @cpjobling and I also did a live periscope for the Collaborating Day and collaborated with others in the community to develop a padlet of collaborating resources – you can find the recording of the periscope and other links on my padlet

The final day was a chance to work with the #CreativeHE community for the Creating Day – I really enjoyed that as I have been missing being able to do the both of them … Even my daughter wanted to join in with all the fun and games …

All the tweet chats were storified and links can be found on the main #BYOD4L Web page.


I got to use some great new tools this week :  including Sutori (  a tool I used to tell my story about #BYOD4L experiences) Videoscribe ( a really cool way to do white board animation type stuff) , Podbean, ( a tool for podcasts)  Mentimeter ( this is a fab interactive presentation tool that you can do great collaborative visual word cloud things)  and Symbaloo ( a sort of curated set of tiles for tools).

See now I have just wandered off to find the links  to all the lovely new tools that I got to use  … (see what usually happens is I get distracted and end up not coming back .. lightbulb moment …  make sure you dont get distracted and stick to one thing at a time ! maybe thats another reason why they always stay in draft …..)

Anyhow the one I really played the most with was VideoScribe – I had great fun with this … some of the things I created are below  ….



I also used Biteable to make a quick video  ( which I have used before ) which I also had fun with :

Plan of Action

I think I would like to try and get a bit more organised and perhaps revamp my blog.  I’d also like to curate some of the tools and resources that I use in a slightly more helpful way. I missed the curating day so I will definitely be revisiting this and trying to get some tips.

All in all it was a great week, fast and chaotic at times but thoroughly enjoyable . I’ll definitely be back for more …


And Finally …. I’m wondering if there is a sixth C ? C for Cats perhaps ?

#BYOD4L Communicating and Reflecting

Day Two of the #BYOD4L was all about Communicating. We had a fab tweet chat last night as you can see from Sheila MacNeill‘s storify … ( even starring my lovely little kittie ! ) 

I’ve been up to my eyes today so havent really had time to reflect any further at the moment. I’ll probably do this in a sum up post at the end of the week but in the meantime I made a very quick video of the tools yesterdy that I have been using this time around … ( with that rather snazzy Videoscribe that I’m loving ) I have just realised though that I should also have included Videoscribe itself in the tools list … what a donut … there are probably loads of others that I have used this week or am going to use that didn’t make it into my list so apols for that …  )

#BYOD4L Connecting and Reflecting

Today I have been connecting through periscope, twitter, WordPress, google+, google spaces, Padlet and you tube!  For me, it’s all about the Connecting the dots among our shared connections. I love the human contact and getting that sense of social presence online. I think the key to this is being open (as is possible, there are clearly levels of openness that feel comfortable for different people), being willing to share and take a risk.

For me, it’s all about the Connecting the dots among our shared connections. I love the human contact and getting that sense of social presence online. I think the key to this is being open (as is possible, there are clearly levels of openness that feel comfortable for different people), being willing to share and take a risk.

I like to try and connect other people together that I come into contact with. I also like the serendipitous connections that we make through taking part in activities. For me, all of these connections provide opportunities and benefits, some of which are easily identifiable but some present themselves in a more gentle guise.  For example finding a shared love of cats … or indeed Dory !  See tweets below from the lovely Rebecca Jackson 


I should probably mention that I guess we should be mindful that there might be possible barriers and challenges that could be encountered when connecting online,  this certainly hasn’t been my experience within #BYOD4L but I am aware that things like the dark side of twitter can raise its head when unwanted accounts infiltrate your stream etc )  I do like to believe however that the positives certainly outweigh any potential negatives.

I can see many connections between the people that I have connected with through #BYOD4L and these include new connections that I have made today (including ones that I am sure will become good friends – sometimes you just click with people don’t you – and yes that happens online as well as offline ) and also meaningful connections that have stood the test of time.  I have scribbled some thoughts below which kinda make sense to me ….  looking forward to the Communciating theme tomorrow.