Open Digital Badges Pilot

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Badge Research

Really Interesting Badge Research Google Site by Cheryl Grant

Summary of #GCUGamesOn Evalution Findings

This is a reblog of a post by the lovely Sheila Mc from her blog howsheilaseesIT which outlines a brief summary of her findings following the #GCUGamesOn Online Experience. I took part in this and enjoyed it very much and I am VERY proud to say I got all three medals … interesting stuff 🙂


As promised this post shares the summary findings from our recent online event, GCU Games On. As I’ve written about before we developed this very quickly (in a month from idea to online) so we were very aware of some of the pedagogic shortcomings of our overall design. However given the rapid development time during the start of summer holidays when most of our subject experts were on holiday we had to make some very pragmatic design decisions.

Overall the feedback was pretty positive and the whole experience is helping to shape our developing strategy to open, online courses. (Nb the text below has been adapted from an internal report).


GCU Games On was an open online event designed to celebrate, explore and share experiences during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. It ran between 16 July and 8 August 2014.

Instigated by the PVC Learning and Student Experience…

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Beware of Badges as Biscuits

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The digital badge revolution is nearing. I continue to see open badges as far superior to past and present forms of documenting learning and achievements

Deb Baff‘s insight:

Badges for motivation works for me

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Week 3 ocTEL Badges

Whoo hoo just claimed these 🙂



100 Points

Tune in or watch the weekly recording of each week’s webinar to achieve the this badge. Click this badge link to view Instructions for getting this badge.


500 Points

Automatically earn this topic badge for completing at least three of the badged activities from week 3.



10 Points

Click on this badge link to ‘check-in’ and see who else is also active in this topic.

Badge Mania

I think … I am very motivated by badges … this has surprised, intrigued and frustrated me.  What is it that I like about badges ? Well as an ex brownie and girl guide who didn’t actually obtain many badges I think it might be a throwback wish to obtain something that says ” I did that ” – however although it means something to me I wonder what it means to other people ? When I explain to people outside the OER world they look at me with a sort of ” aw bless ” look but people inside the inner OER sanctum are definitely divided into those that ” get it” and those that just plain hate ’em.

In the words of Bernard Bull in his blog Etale – Life in the digital world

Digital badges are a new currency for credentialing in a world of connected learning. They are more than glorified digital biscuits for good behavior. While they may have motivational elements to them, their greatest potential is in revolutionizing how we think about credentials in the digital age.[/embed]

Well I am on the novelty newbie side of badge mentality and I like ’em. So there world … I am a badge lover –