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Past, Present and Future : Time for a new Jar perhaps ?

Debs Past Present and Future Stuff ...

Debs Past Present and Future Stuff …

Hmm, now this was an interesting activity to do !  I decided to try and link it to my professional life …


I searched around the house for a jar but could only find this old one of my mum and dad’s.

As you can see it is absolutely stuffed full of keys … keys that for the life of me I simply do not know what they are for and sadly now no one will ever be able to tell me what they were for … 😦 anyhow …

I was about to empty the jar to use for this activity but I soon realised that it would be far too small to fit my chosen objects in.  Eg: I was going to pick something from my old job (like the mug) and that would haven’t fitted let alone anything else … BUT … then it struck me … perhaps this Jar itself actually represents my past better than the mug…  maybe this represents that now is time for a NEW jar and that I am being given the keys to whatever door I want to open next ?


I am at a stage in my life where thanks to being made redundant I now have the opportunity to really think about what I want to do with my life.  This is represented by the chair and the fact that at the present time I finally have the opportunity to just ‘ sit and think’ ….


Well the future is represented by the ALT Community (Association for Learning Technology ) sticker  and I chose this mainly to represent the fact that what I would like to do in the future is something related to the area of learning technology 🙂 watch this space … I’m working on it 🙂


oh and the small bottle in the purple bag is full of fairy dust … just because everyone needs a little magic in their lives somewhere 🙂