What Debbie Did ?

So in my head I thought it would be a good idea to have a category that is just to record what I have done – hopefully on a daily basis as I have been trying to do something ( anything) each day for the last couple of weeks. I’ve mostly succeeded in this quest, but honestly I don’t know if it’s my age but I would really struggle to tell you what I have actually done and that is sooooo depressing ..

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So just to kick start things off …

What Debbie did this weekend …

  • Launched my new blog ( this one) and archived my old one
  • Read some reports and papers from UNESCO covering COVID-19 – Web Page and Guidance on Open Educational Practices during School Closures: Utilizing OER under COVID-19 Pandemic in line with UNESCO OER Recommendation Rights and Permissions (Huang et al 2020)
  • Worked on my proposal (again) to try and get it into a bit better shape
  • Updated my new Notion.so database ( honestly this is really cool – I found out about it from Inger ( Thesis Whisperer) I’m gonna write a blog post about this soon ) Check this out – it’s got colour coding and everything !
  • Oh yes I also discovered the Open Library – online e-books and it’s free ! never seen this before – managed to borrow Teaching Community : A pedagogy of hope by bell hooks !! I have 14 days to read it …
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Quick screen grab of my Reference Page … each of these rows link to it’s own page with notes and stuff ..
  • I also attempted to set up a google site – not quite sure why just have the feeling that a lot of my stuff is scattered all over the place ( might have been a bit of procrastination going on there ! )

If you want to know a bit more about Notion.so and can’t wait until I blog about it then check out this video from Sterling Osborne – he also has some templates that are really handy


Huang, R., Liu, D., Tlili, A., Knyazeva, S., Chang, T. W., Zhang, X., Burgos, D., Jemni, M., Zhang, M., Zhuang, R., & Holotescu, C. (2020). Guidance on Open Educational Practices during School Closures: Utilizing OER under COVID-19 Pandemic in line with UNESCO OER Recommendation. Beijing: Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University

Virtual Hugs

I came across this blog post that the lovely Maha Bali wrote on her blog “Digital Affect (Emotional Presence?) and Continuity with Care during COVID-19. In her post, Maha mentions that the social distancing aspect of the current COVID19 situation ‘makes the need for digital affect (emotional presence?) so much more important’

This really resonates with the stuff I’m hoping to research. Maha also shares two recordings of some online conversations where the participants talk a lot about the concept of care particularly during COVID-19. I remember seeing tweets about both of these happening but as ever life got in the way and I didn’t get to take part in them and I still haven’t caught up with them.

So I am putting the direct links here to the video’s that Maha mentions, so that I can try to make sure that I watch them both as I bet they will be REALLY helpful ( and also because as Maha says it was a ‘much needed virtual hug’ 😌which is something I think we can all do with at the moment !)

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I spy quite a few familiar faces in these so I’m looking forward to watching 🙂

Last week I read one of the new papers (Bozkurt et al 2020) that Maha is a collaborator on along with many of my lovely friends at Go-GN Global OER Graduate Network . This is such a great article with something like 31 countries represented. It really chimes with the pedagogy of care aspect for me and provides some back up for my planned proposal in terms of emotional support and open practice aspects….. Yay !


Bali, M., 2020. Digital Affect (Emotional Presence?) And Continuity With Care During COVID-19. [online] Reflecting Allowed. Available at: <https://blog.mahabali.me/pedagogy/critical-pedagogy/digital-affect-emotional-presence-and-continuity-with-care-during-covid-19/&gt; [Accessed 21 June 2020].

Bozkurt, A., & Sharma, R. C. (2020). Emergency remote teaching in a time of global crisis due to CoronaVirus pandemic. Asian Journal of Distance Education, 15(1), i-vi. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3778083