PHD Help Videos – Cecile Badenhorst

I love these videos. My favourite is the one about the PPSQ . The link to a playlist with all of them should be below. Cecile has a really lovely calming voice too !

All the Ologies – Nurse Killam Videos

I’ve watched a couple of these videos and they are really good. I really liked the Ontology, Epistemology, Methodology and Methods one but here is a link to a playlist which should have all the videos on it. Well worth a little look.


PHD Productivity

This is a new to me channel that I came across the other day. So far am finding it really very good.

Here is the link to the full playlist


Today has been a bit of a challenging day in one way or another … I had back to back meetings in work and a headache so that just made it so hard to concentrate … so when I started on this evenings PhD work I found myself flitting around a bit so it has been a bit hit and miss.

Somehow in the middle of it all I decided it would be a good idea to revisit my CMALT blog ( another thing I am trying to get done ) and ended up faffing around with that for a couple of hours. ( Queen of procrastination) … What I should have been doing was trying to work on my proposal.



In fairness I did eventually try and work on my proposal but I didn’t get very far.

My stumbling block today is that I am struggling with identifying what I think my end ‘product’ will be at the end of the PhD. I remembered reading something that shed some light on how to work this out but I couldn’t remember where I had seen it.

I did a search of my Evernote notes, looked at my Notion.So database but just couldn’t find it. Then I googled it and still nothing …eventually I looked in my little pink sparkly note book that I usually use when I have had enough of the screen.

That’s where I found it … always the last place you look isn’t, but that wasn’t easy either … poor old notebook is a bit scrambled … a bit like my brain at the moment

I’ve now written a blog post so that I can find it again hopefully but I am still no further on in working out what on earth I am actually supposed to achieve at the end of it …

one win I had was I remembered a padlet that I started ages ago where I started to pull together some stuff on emotional support – I popped this as a URL link on the side bar of the blog to remind me to actually look at it !

Hmmm…. off to cook kids tea now .. tomorrow is another day

See you Tomorrow


Establishing Contribution

You know that really frustrating moment when you know you have read something really cool somewhere but you stupidly can’t find your notes on it ? Yep I just had that… the good news is by some miracle I have now remembered that it was in a hand written note. I haven’t quite got around to scanning my handwritten notes in but maybe that is something I need to sort out quite rapidly !



Any how what I was looking for was a great article that helps you work out how you might be contributing to knowledge. I should have guessed that it would be by Dr Raul Pacheco-Vega @raulpacheco his blog is just so cool. He does some really great twitter threads where he posts stuff and integrates this with his blog.

The blog post in question is called Developing the core elements of a research proposal: Finding a gap in the literature, mapping contributions to scholarship. There is a ton of really helpful stuff in this article include his suggested 5 questions for what PhD Candidates need to be able to answer about their own research and questions that help you identify the gap in the literature.

The bit that I was trying to find is the bit where he talks about the sorts of contributions that might be the end product of the PhD ( at least I think that is what it means).

He suggests things like …

An Innovative Framework

Integration of Literature

Generation of new data or collecting data that wasn’t available in the present form

~ Dr Raul Pachego-Vega June 28 2018

So, food for thought …



Huge thank you yet again Dr Pacheco-Vega.


Pachego-Vega (2018)  Developing the core elements of a research proposal: Finding a gap in the literature, mapping contributions to scholarship.

What Debbie Did ?

So in my head I thought it would be a good idea to have a category that is just to record what I have done – hopefully on a daily basis as I have been trying to do something ( anything) each day for the last couple of weeks. I’ve mostly succeeded in this quest, but honestly I don’t know if it’s my age but I would really struggle to tell you what I have actually done and that is sooooo depressing ..

Bitmoji Image

So just to kick start things off …

What Debbie did this weekend …

  • Launched my new blog ( this one) and archived my old one
  • Read some reports and papers from UNESCO covering COVID-19 – Web Page and Guidance on Open Educational Practices during School Closures: Utilizing OER under COVID-19 Pandemic in line with UNESCO OER Recommendation Rights and Permissions (Huang et al 2020)
  • Worked on my proposal (again) to try and get it into a bit better shape
  • Updated my new database ( honestly this is really cool – I found out about it from Inger ( Thesis Whisperer) I’m gonna write a blog post about this soon ) Check this out – it’s got colour coding and everything !
  • Oh yes I also discovered the Open Library – online e-books and it’s free ! never seen this before – managed to borrow Teaching Community : A pedagogy of hope by bell hooks !! I have 14 days to read it …
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
Quick screen grab of my Reference Page … each of these rows link to it’s own page with notes and stuff ..
  • I also attempted to set up a google site – not quite sure why just have the feeling that a lot of my stuff is scattered all over the place ( might have been a bit of procrastination going on there ! )

If you want to know a bit more about and can’t wait until I blog about it then check out this video from Sterling Osborne – he also has some templates that are really handy


Huang, R., Liu, D., Tlili, A., Knyazeva, S., Chang, T. W., Zhang, X., Burgos, D., Jemni, M., Zhang, M., Zhuang, R., & Holotescu, C. (2020). Guidance on Open Educational Practices during School Closures: Utilizing OER under COVID-19 Pandemic in line with UNESCO OER Recommendation. Beijing: Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University