Why ‘googling’ yourself should be part of your digital health check

This is so important – Googling myself as we speak … great advice from the Lovely Sue Beckingham @suebecks

Social Media for Learning

Google search

When was the last time you googled yourself? Some may ask why on earth would I want to do that? Well it is an effective way of finding out what others can learn about you from the Internet. What information is actually public?

Your online reputation is your responsibility. When you create social profiles, the information you choose to provide is self-volunteered. If you use Facebook, check your privacy settings regularly to ensure you are happy with what information can be shared. Select from sharing with friends, friends of friends and public. (For posts you can also choose to share with specific groups).

When you conduct a search of your name, the results that appear on this first page will depend on how common your name is. For example John Smith will bring back huge results! However if someone is looking for you and don’t get immediate results, they are…

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