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Yay Something else to keep me out of mischief !

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Future Learn Blended Learning Course

Future Learn Blended Learning Course


Something to keep me out of mischief when the MA is done and dusted next week  …

Last few days of my Masters in Online and Distance Education … bring on the coffee :)

imageI tried to do myself a nice motivational picture in my coffee break … Sadly it looks more like I am banging my head against a brick wall … Oh dear ….

A visit from the Procrastination Fairy

Again the thesis whisperer rescues me from procrastination on my final piece of work for the old MA …. thank you 🙂 Reblogging this fab post 🙂

The Thesis Whisperer

I put out two papers to top journals containing my thesis results early this year. Both editors want to publish, but are demanding significant changes before that happens. It’s all to the good of course, there’s a reason they are top journals, but I am finding the process of revisiting these articles incredibly hard work.

In fact, it would be fair to say that Procrastination Fairy has sprinkled me with her Can’t Be Bothered dust in a big way.

This kind of revision is a profoundly unpleasant activity. The problem with a peer review, if properly applied, is that it leads to DOUBT. To some extent I have lost confidence in the work and started to second guess myself. As a consequence, the whole time I have the documents open I have an uncomfortable sense of failure.

It’s easy – far too easy – just not to open the…

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Succeeding as a ‘non traditional’ student

Great Article found on The Thesis Whisperer blog (thank you !) by Colin Cohen giving tips on how to manage studies including procrastination ( and a really amusing link to a cartoon by Tom Gauld ! ) It did make me giggle …

The Thesis Whisperer

This post is by Colin Cohen, who completed a doctorate at the School for Health in the University of Bath in south west England. Colin is what we call in the trade a ‘non traditional student’: older, part time and not working in an academic field. Many people have talked to me about what an isolating experience this can be. Colin successfully completed his doctorate, faster than many others do: I think we can all learn something from this post – especially number 2.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.27.59 amThis post is about the challenges of undertaking a part time doctorate, whilst working full time in a non-academic setting where I felt isolated from a learning environment. In particular it is focussed on how I tried to maintain momentum and motivation. I offer some suggestions about what worked for me, and hope that people who read this might avoid some of the mistakes I made…

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