Week 16 Activity 4

Activity 4

Timing icon Your decision

  • Find blogs that interest and engage you.
  • Share the urls in the forum or include them in your blog, explaining one or two things that you like about them.

What a fab activity ! Well I already have several blogs identified on my own blog in my ‘ blogs I follow’ list and it is soooo hard to try and narrow these down for this particular activity. I think I will stick to three particular blogs that I follow regularly and try and explain why.

Blog 1 :

The Ed Techie

on open education, digital scholarship & over-stretched metaphors


This is a blog by the lovely Professor Martin Weller. I love his blog for a couple of reasons. a)  It is simply very readable. Martin blogs regularly and you can always be sure of an entertaining and thought provoking read. b) The posts are very authentic, open and from the heart c) Martin is of course incredibly ‘ big’ in the open world and very well known. He has a very far reaching network of followers who also have lots to say about open education so you get a lot for your money as it were !

Blog 2




I took part in this event earlier in the year organised by the fab @chrissinerantzi and @suebecks. I cannot recommend it highly enough. There will be a new version in January 2016 so if anyone would like to get involved do check out the blog.  You can also find out about the

Deb is back … sort of

2015-04-22 05.29.18

For those that know me well , you may recognise the significance of this little candle and therefore you will know and understand my absence over the last several weeks.  Suffice to say it has been a very difficult few months and I have been kept busy with personal stuff so I haven’t been able to engage online as much as I would have liked.

Anyhow, I am back ( sort of ) and this is the start of my journey trying to engage again in the world at the beginning of a brave new chapter .. I still have stuff going on but I am determined to try and complete the final bit of my Masters in an attempt to keep myself sane … here goes