#BYOD4L Topic 1: Connecting and fluttering

Reflections on Monday

I had hoped to engage more fully in some of the activities today but my plans were foiled yet again by the unexpected…

I did however make quite a few connections with people and also manage to take part in some of Monday’s tweet chat at 8pm which was really interesting. I found it quite challenging to keep up with the hectic pace, although to be fair I was only using my phone to take part and my fingers are less than nimble ! Weirdly I also managed to jump up and down in the living room into slippers in a vain attempt to try to fool my garmin step tracker that I was outside briskly walking at a fair pace and not sitting on my butt … ( and no I still didn’t hit my target … on a mission today though ! )


We won’t mention the blueberry muffin that was required to fuel the said jumping …

So what were my key takeaways  …

  • That I’m loving google+ as a communication tool and I will definitely be using it more.
  • That I have made some new contacts who have yet again proved to be really generous and giving of their time and encouragement
  • That surprisingly I was still able to enjoy the tweet chat (although more difficult) just using my phone.



Oh and that I quite enjoy being a butterfly and although tweet chats are rather hectic they really are quite good fun …..and finally  ….that I can jump in my slippers and tweet at the same time … wonders will never cease 🙂  Looking forward to more of the same as the week goes on ….


The lovely Sue Beckingham has done a storify here of the tweet chat … starring my lovely little pink butterfly ! How lovely …. Enjoy